Upcoming Retreats

Azure Body Positive Wellness and Yoga Retreat
Bodrum 2018


Following the success of our first body positive wellness and yoga retreat in September 2017, we are thrilled to announce our dates for 2018.


26 May – 6 June 2018
20 – 30 September 2018


Last year we hosted our first body positive yoga retreat, with plus size bloggers Georgina Horne of Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and Hayley Stewart of Curves & Curls. The week focussed on wellness and body positivity, with daily yoga, delicious vegetarian food, lots of body positive discussion, and plenty of time for fun in the sun. Georgina and Hayley will be back with us for both retreats in 2018.


A week with us during the above dates cost £650 and includes the following:


  • 7 nights accommodation in our newly renovated hotel
  • delicious vegetarian cuisine – breakfast, lunch and supper
  • yoga classes twice daily (excluding Sundays)
  • Visit to the local hamam for a steam, scrub and short massage
  • daytime boat trip to various swimming points along the coast
  • belly dancing lesson
  • body positive talk and workshop by plus size bloggers Georgina Horne and Hayley Stewart


We at Azure wanted to host this kind of a retreat because we truly believe that all bodies are good bodies, and all bodies are yoga bodies! Our retreat is a safe space for plus size women who want to enjoy a holiday and reconnect with their bodies in a supportive environment. The retreat is aimed at body positive women, and those taking their first tentative steps towards accepting and loving their bodies.


The retreat centres around twice daily yoga classes (these are completely optional – you can do as much or as little yoga as you wish) which are aimed at all levels, from beginner to advanced. If you’re a newbie, don’t worry! What we love about yoga is that it is a practice that is inherently flexible. It can be modified to cater for “everybody” – regardless of size, shape, age or sex. At our first bopo retreat all our guests were beginners and found their yoga experience rewarding and enjoyable!


We also include a variety of other experiences and excursions that will take place over the course of the week, including a relaxing visit to our local hammam, a boat trip, a belly dancing class, and a variety of body positive talks and workshops from plus size bloggers Georgina Horne and Hayley Stewart. We also encourage you to visit the local markets, and nearby sites.


For those who just want to chill out, we have a sun drenched swimming pool complete with sun loungers, as well as a quiet spot for meditation and contemplation. The beach is less than 5 minutes walk away, and heading into town is an easy walk or an inexpensive cab ride.


The retreat is perfect for groups, as well as single travellers – with meal times and yoga classes being communal, as well as lots of free time to hang out together, by the end of our first retreat all our guests had become firm friends – sharing stories, jokes and experiences. But don’t take our word for it. Read testimonials from some of our guests –


“I wasn’t really sure what to expect from the retreat. I’m a yoga beginner who likes her meat, her sun, her soul baring chats but also her alone times. But I came away feeling limber, relaxed, rejuvenated, inspired to cook more meatless meals, tanned, and most importantly, with new friends.” – Georgina Horne, Fuller Figure Fuller Bust


“As a bopo newbie I was in desperate need of a bit of connection and to experience my body with a sense of acceptance and love rather than shame. I got this and more. Lovely friends, massages, my first enjoyable yoga lessons, sunshine and memorable market experiences.” – Clemmie


“Azure wellness helped me press the reset button. Working in an adrenaline filled environment, I was stressed beyond belief, which resulted in sleeping on the sofa because of rib pain for 3 months. Within 2 days I was sleeping like a baby. The yoga combined with the friendship and being in an environment where I felt safe made a massive difference to my day to day feelings. I haven’t looked at myself in a negative way since.” – Rachel


“I was absolutely amazed at the restorative effect of a week at Azure. Our hosts Michelle and Ali were absolutely wonderful, I thoroughly enjoyed the yoga and the vegetarian food, and the company was wonderful. Such a safe space for growing as a body positive woman and meeting like minded souls who really helped me on my own journey as much as I helped them.” – Hayley Stewart, Curves & Curls


You can read more about our first retreat at Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, or at Curves & Curls.






This really is the perfect break for those wanting to unwind and reconnect with their bodies, surrounded by other like minded souls (and with a lot of laughter and fun in the mix).


If this sounds like the holiday for you we’d love for you to join us! If you’d like to book, or ask any questions please *insert contact email address of whatever step you want people to take to book / get in touch*


EveyBODY Yoga!!! (BoPo Retreat 2017)

What I love about yoga is that it is a practice that is inherently flexible. It can be modified to cater for “everybody” – regardless of size, shape, age or sex. You will not only gain flexibility in the mind but also on the body.


However, you wouldn’t think that this is the case if you go by what is seen in the majority of mainstream media. The image you see is of tall, slim individuals with their legs behind their heads.


So it is understandable that anyone that does not fit this mis-representation of what a yogi looks like; turns many individuals away from yoga, believing that they do not have a yoga body.


If you have a body + do yoga = a yoga body.


The important thing to remember is that yoga is an equal-opportunity pleasure.   Whether you are young, old, male or female, large or small.  


Size is no restriction to doing yoga, and this is something that everyone needs understand. Yoga is not about size or shape, its about freeing your mind and believing in yourself and letting go of any beliefs that you hold about what your body can or cannot do.


Plus size yogis are just as capable of moving as freely as a smaller-bodies person.   Achieving the same benefits from a yoga practice as anyone else: stress relief, strength, balance and mind, body connection. All you might require in your practice is some modifications.


Yoga is a good way in getting in touch with your body and making friends with it again, as there is sometime a disconnect that comes from finding it hurtful living in an image conscious society.


If the journey towards starting a yoga practice stills seems daunting, try to remember that it can cultivate a deep awareness and acceptance of the body which is so liberating in a culture that declares certain body types as being unacceptable.


The fact, that is growing in popularity and has been around for thousands of shows that it works for everybody.


If you still are not convinced check out Instagram and other social media platforms, which have become very powerful visual tools to help demystify what yogis look like and can achieve.


There are too many plus size yogis to mention, but let me start with Dianne Bondy and Jessamyn Stanley.   Check out their yoga practice and see what a yoga body looks like they are so inspiring and helping to change the face of yoga.


So why not allow yoga to help you rehabilitate you, allowing yourself to believe that you can achieve anything you want. It’s about showing up on your mat consistently and letting the transformation take place.


“Yoga is for all people: old people , yoga people, fat people, skinny people – only not lazy people – Sri K Pattabhi Jois.


Now go on and start your yoga journey and experience what all the hype is about.