Morning Yoga

Why not join us for an Early Morning Yoga Session, then stay for some networking whilst enjoying a Beautiful Traditional Turkish Breakfast.

Yoga Improves Health. Improves your flexibility. Builds muscle strength. Perfects your posture.


> Early Morning Class

> Complementary Breakfast



Price: 60TL

Yoga Day Pass

Spend the day at our Azure Wellness Retreat.  Come to visit us and you’ll begin your journey to feeling like a better version of yourself.

Yoga Improves Health. Improves your flexibility. Builds muscle strength. Perfects your posture.


> Early Morning Class

> Complementary Breakfast

> Sunset Yoga

> Full Use of the Facilities

Price: 120TL

Spiritual and Mental Rejuvenation in a Beach Setting

Yoga is for everybody and our yoga classes are for all abilities. Class sizes are small, ensuring you receive personal, individual attention, enabling you to go at your own pace.


Yoga classes are twice daily – at sunrise and sunset – either on our poolside platform adjacent to our fragrant garden with a backdrop of mountains or on a small, local beach with panoramic views  and breathtaking scenery.


Extra tuition is available by way of private lessons.


There are plenty of opportunities for meditation in this tranquil setting.



Natalia Dogru

Natalia Dogru has been practicing yoga since 2005. She is one of the certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers in Turkey. She has Yoga studios in Bodrum and Russia.


Chelyabinsk State Medical Academy Russia
Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University Russia


Special Education:

Graduated from Ekaterinburg Iyengar Yoga Teachers course (2007-2009)





BKS Iyengar, conference «Yoga Journal», Moscow, 2009.
Bindhani Junko (Japan) Iyengar Yoga Workshop, Ural Ekaterinburg Iyengar Yoga Center
E. Rotov and K. Peretyatkin, Ural Ekaterinburg Iyengar Yoga Center Iyengar yoga workshops
S. Mikhailov Iyengar Yoga Workshop (St.Petersburg), Ural Ekaterinburg Iyengar Yoga Center
Iyengar Yoga Workshop,Gabriella Giubilaro , yoga studio “Terrayoga” Tyumen, 2011.
Iyengar Yoga 2nd National Congress 2011 Moscow Manouso Manos USA
2013 – 2017 Iyengar yoga therapy course Moscow Stephanie Quirk



Russian, Turkish, English

Gillian McClure

“As I was interested in yoga for many years and from seeing and feeling the benefits of my own body, I decided to do my teacher training Level 1 which I did at Santosha Yoga, Lisburn, N.Ireland under Paddy Hamill. I qualified in December 2015 (200 hours) RYS.

I have experience in teaching classes at my home on a personal one to one basis and also taking classes in my studios. I continue to expand my knowledge with workshops based on back pain, mindfulness and meditation.

I also have an online Pilates Trainer Diploma qualified in May 2015. I have found it beneficial and enjoyable to combine both pilates and yoga together.”

Donna Noble

Donna Noble

Donna Noble’s journey with yoga started in 1999.


An ex-colleague saw a picture of Madonna with her legs behind her head and her enthusiasm made her want to try yoga.
She fell in and out of love with yoga due to the usual pressures of life, family, work and studying for a degree.
At the time not realising how important and transformational yoga was going to be in her life.


She thinks that it was as a result of stress she became ill with Bells Palsy in 2015.


It was shortly after this that she started her love affair with Yoga again, and decided to attend a Yoga Teacher Training Course – (with the intention of becoming a teacher when she retired).


Becoming a Yoga Teacher happened much earlier than anticipated after having a discussion with a Coach on her NLP course – who wanted to know what was happening in her life.


She explained her dilemma that she was being made redundant and didn’t know what to do. To her surprise she was informed that unconsciously she had made a decision.


When she talked about yoga she lit up, and when she talked about corporate she did not.


In that split second, she decided to give this thing called yoga a chance.


She completed her course with Triyoga, but then decided to travel to LA and complete the Bikram Teacher Training Course.


Initially only intending to stay was for 11 weeks – she stayed for 6 months travelling and teaching in New York and Texas. She started essentially to go with the flow and it was great. Life became simpler and less stressed.


CurveSomeYoga was created in 2015, as a result of constantly hearing excuses as to why her friends and family could not do yoga.
Also hearing about unpleasant yoga experiences, she wanted to show that everyBODY is a yoga body, so that they too could experience the many benefits.


She uses the best wellbeing techniques to help her students eliminate stress and consistently live life on their terms.


Yoga For All Ability Levels And Body Types

Together we will remove the stresses from your mind and arouse feelings of energy, vitality and positivity.


No matter your height, body type, age, race, gender, orientation or ability, you’re all welcome to join our daily Yoga sessions or enjoy private lessons with our instructors and extra tuition for anyone who wants it.


Yoga is for everybody and we encourage everyone to take advantage of its benefits. We also invite everyone to join in our meditation sessions which are every day for an hour.


Ease And Relaxation That’s Attainable For All

All yoga styles create a feeling of ease and relaxation that we want all our guests to experience.


After morning practice you’ll be treated to a hearty vegetarian breakfast that’s loaded with health benefits. Then, you’ll be free to relax and explore the local surroundings at your leisure before meeting again in the late afternoon for a second session.


By the end of the day your mind will feel at ease, your body alive with a fresh sense of rejuvenation and your spirit awakened with exuberance.